Samsung Galaxy Beam (projector phone)

Samsung Galaxy Beam is the first Android phone with a built-in DLP projector. The phone is not that new, but the technology is just amazing and I love to see Samsung experimenting new things every time.

LG Optimus VU - The first video review

The Korean manufacturer launches LG Optimus VU, a smartphone with a 5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The new model can be used with capacitive Rubberdium pencil. The device weighs 168 grams and measuring 139.6 x 90.4 x 8.5 mm.

2013 Mustang Video

Lately there were a lot of discussion about the new generation of Ford Mustang, which will be launched in 2015. But to keep consumers interested, Ford will offer an enhanced version of the model in 2013. This means the Mustang will have some improvements on the outside, but more power. The car will be unveiled at the Auto Show in Detroit in 2012.

iPhone 5 Concept Design

Frederico Ciccarese managed to create a concept design for iPhone 5 which takes the breath of any iPhone fan. The curves, the color, the lights, the elegance. I proudly present you...

iPhone 5 Concept Design

The iPhone 5 could be the most spectacular smartphone in the world if it would look like this concept design! iMac was also curved once, so I see good logic for going back to that. If we are to believe the iPhone 5 rumors, the phone will have a quad core processor, better camera, new OS, new Retina Display, 128GB of storage.

The concept design of the iPhone 5 is definitely the most amazing and elegant yet appeared, and the apple light on the back made my day.

Unfortunately, this iPhone 5 Concept Design ... is just a concept. Nothing official from Apple regarding the new iPhone 5 phone.

Would You Buy It?

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Ubuntu for Android

Probabilities are there is a smartphone in your sack right now that features a bolted processor, minimum 512 RAM, and it’s linked to your carrier’s wireless network. The only reason this can never be your only computer is the dimension of the screen. But what happens when you connect it to a large display? Let's not forget that technology has gone a long way since N95, and now now smartphones are able to stream 1080p video signal to HDTVs via HDMI cables.

ps. I still love the way Nokia packs everything into their phones (N8 especially)

Aston Martin DBS Black Edition

Are you afraid of the dark? Don't worry, Aston Martin DBS Black Edition is everything but scarry. We are among passionates, so mysterious shadows will not scare us much - this is the new Aston Martin DBS.

The official release of this car is scheduled for this summer.

"Terminator" glasses ready this year?

Google HUD glasses are able to display images on the lenses just as they appear on the monitor, while keeping a degree of transparency that enables the user to view the environment. Google HUD are among the most interesting products we have talked about lately. The latest rumors said that this gadget will start to be sold later this year, at a price of $ 250 - $ 600.

Connected wirelessly (via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to a mobile device running Google Maps, Google HUD glasses will help us orient ourselves more easily to various points of interest.

If we are to believe the recent informations regarding this cool gadget, the glasses will be compatible with Android. Images control will be made through vocal commands, but also by head movement.

Google officials did not comment on the project status or onb the date when the glasses will be released.

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